Sustainability at roz rummy app

It is April 22. It is World Earth day and the theme is ‘Restore our Earth’. The message is loud and clear. As we are celebrating World Earth Day today (April 22), it would do good to remind ourselves of our duty towards protecting planet Earth. ,sbobet online

Thankfully, the term sustainability is being used more often now, than ever before. While it is good that increased awareness has been created, it is also important to remind ourselves of the consequences in case we fail to fulfil our duty towards our dear planet.,soccer am jobs

We are all in the mad rush towards development but we need to keep in mind that development must happen without jeopardising the resources which would otherwise be available for the future generations, without any hindrance.

We, at roz rummy app, are doing our best to safeguard our plant and advance sustainability. We too have taken a pledge to achieve net zero by 2050. We have many thoughtful minds working on this and we are confident of contributing towards net zero.

1xbet app para iphone,In the 11 years since inception, roz rummy app industries has been slowly and steadily working towards sustainability.

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  • 100% of the power used by roz rummy app Industries is generated using renewable resources like solar and wind power
  • A sewage treatment plant works full time and the recycled water is used for the garden around the factory and head office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Saplings have been planted on 2 acres of land around the head office

football soccer games unblocked,Talking about sustainability, Ms. Vidhya Senthilkumar, Director – Branding and CSR activities says , “We have a canteen operating for our staff members. We are using the kitchen waste from the canteen as manure for the plants. Being energy self-sufficient has been our dream and we have achieved it. We will surely leave no stone unturned to do our best for sustainability. We are looking at other ways too to address carbon neutrality.”

1xbet app ios portugal,The executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) had issued a statement in January 2021 announcing the release of a roadmap to reach net zero by 2050. Let us all join hands to make it a reality.

Happy Earth Day!

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